Screams in Silence

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An idea for bard villains: The Seekers of the World Song

A cabal of evil bards who believe that there is a single unifying song that created the world and holds it together.

They believe that the song was fractured, and divided into the living beings of the world, and that by consuming the flesh of the living they can absorb that being’s fraction of the song. They spread far and wide in search of the fractions of song, traveling from town to town, performing the same as any other bard would, but there are always reports of missing villagers after they move in to the next community.

Now, after years of covert murder and cannibalism the Seekers feel the the song nears completion. Growing bolder, and sloppier in their haste, they are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

They do not know for certain what will happen when the song is complete, but somehow they know it will be nothing less than the ascendance of a new God.

What if it’s in the descendents of only the oldest families, or the descendents of those touched in life by the gods?
It seems much more interesting to have to follow clues of lineage in ancient texts and holy sites, leading you to THIS noble family’s youngest, or THIS cloistered holyman, or the last of THIS family line who disappeared to secretly become a thief or an adventurer or something, and you trying to beat the Seekers there before they can eat their flesh.

Although the eating flesh thing does seem a little contrived. Like it’s there just for the shock value, without any reasonable amount of logic to back it up. What if they magically steal their voice or something?

Anon #2:
So maybe each Seeker steals the voice of one of these songtouched prodigies, and if they ever take them all and then sing together… I don’t know- maybe the world begins to unravel into the arcane essence from which it was woven, returning all of existence and all living beings to the cosmic togetherness of the living magic, to shine and sing songs of primordial beauty to an audience of nothingness. For all eternity.

Me again:
In my mind there were a finite number of song fractions, like notes in a song.

An analogy for what I had in mind is like collecting trading cards, except you had to commit murder to get a single card. You might get the same piece multiple times.

I hadn’t considered the idea that there were only certain individuals who’d contain pieces of the song.


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